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About Us


In ancient times, humans wrote their emotions on the rocky walls of caves, drawing the animals they had or would have liked to hunt. Since then, people’s desire to write has never stopped; new means have been invented and writing has continued its evolution, changing shape, sound and meaning several times, following the whirlwind of the emotions of those who possessed it.

Our vision

Today, we believe that the absence of reading in people’s lives is not a problem of the writing itself, but of how it is presented and distributed. It is not that literature is ‘slow’ for our times, but it is how it is presented, distributed and delivered that is ‘slow’, by 30 years at least.

Our mission

Wordsfly’s goal is to be able to fill the space that has been created towards the public, offering a platform where one can express oneself and be heard through that wonderful invention that is the word. It does not matter the subject, it does not matter the medium, as long as one is able to generate genuine confrontation in pursuit of the ultimate goal of literature: to know oneself and humanity better.